Pulse Live Shares Experience of CFK Africa Paramedic

Medic recounts rescuing a stab victim in Kibera during 2022 elections

By Pulse Mix

Though Okumu was able to get the man to a hospital, the victim did not survive.

Members of the Kibera community have hailed a medic working in the area after he bravely went into a volatile area to rescue an injured man.

Paramedic Operator Nicholas Okumu, who works for the non-profit organization CFK Africa, on August 15 helped evacuate a young man from the Kisumu Ndogo area who was stabbed in the chest, allegedly after election results were announced.

“CFK Africa has been around for four election periods in Kenya, serving the community in all of them. I was on shift during the election period, and I was called to respond to a case of a young man who had been stabbed.

“I would be lying if I said that I didn’t fear going to Kisumu Ndogo, as I had heard there were pockets of unrest in the area, but I told myself that the person who had been stabbed needed me, and I was the only person who could help him; this is what always gives me the courage to respond no matter the situation,” Okumu recounted.

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