Lessons from CFK Africa Alumni on Service, Ambition, and Resilience 

CFK Africa’s Lux Sit and Jim Rogers scholarship program provides talented students living in challenging environments with sustainable funding to focus on their coursework and access leadership training, mentorship, and career guidance. Scholarship alumni serve as mentors for current scholars, passing on lessons learned that inspire students to drive change in their communities. Three recent graduates share their insights for aspiring leaders across informal settlements.  


Esther Auma graduated from St. Aloys Reru Girls Secondary School and developed a passion for community service during her engagement with CFK Africa. 

“Our joint community service project to create the Stories Across Seas book project was the highlight of my time with CFK. We completed a series of creative writings about our hopes and dreams with peers in the United States. We did it as a team, which is why I truly loved it. Completing the project was the best moment of my life and everyone in the neighborhood was appreciative to see our stories shared.  

In the future, I’d also like to work to help the most vulnerable students fulfill their desire for education. I’ve learned from CFK to contribute without expecting anything in return. I aim to work as an accountant and to assist and support others whenever I can.  

To the students who wish to pursue further education goals or who are applying for scholarships – I encourage you to constantly have a goal that you are working towards. Students ought to keep in mind that although we don’t have endless time, we do have enough time to become who we want to be.” 


From Kibera, Abigael Nyandueso was determined to continue her education. After graduating from Lavington Girls Secondary School, she aims to enroll in university. 

“I was born and raised in Kibera. My dad worked casual jobs, so it was difficult for him to pay for our school fees, which resulted in us being sent home most of the time.  

No child should be denied an education because they cannot afford the fees. By paying my costs, CFK Africa had a significant impact on me. I acquired important leadership skills, which will help me achieve my future dreams of attending university.  

As an alumnus of the Lux Sit and Jim Rogers scholarship program, I want to give back to my community. To other students who are applying for scholarships, I advise them to put their all into their academic endeavors.” 


Aisha Mohammed exemplifies resilience by staying committed to her education despite humble beginnings.  

“I grew up in the Lindi Village in Kibera, and life was not a bed of roses. Rather, it was a struggle. Hardship and difficulties were part and parcel of my life, making my primary schooling experience difficult. I was often sent home for not being able to pay my school fees and lacked individual guidance and counselling for my education.  

I was yearning to apply for a scholarship to continue my education after I took my KCPE examination in 2019 and received marvelous marks. I decided to apply for the scholarship to be able to achieve my dreams.  

CFK Africa’s Lux Sit and Jim Rogers scholarship program paid for my fees, saved me from missing school, and supported my studies, like by offering revision books and access to useful learning materials. The mentorship programs and career talks also helped me consider my future. I’m grateful and thankful that I connected with CFK Africa and the support they provided.” 

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