Stories of Progress

  • Laurine’s Story: A New Lease on Life
    A few years after coming to Nairobi in search of a better life, Laurine was a single mother living in Kibera who could not afford to feed her four young children. That's when she found CFK Africa.
  • CFK Africa ICT alum
    Transformed to Transform Others
    After completing ICT training through CFK Africa, Patrick Buong found work with a local nonprofit and now serves as a role model for other youth in his community.
  • CFK Africa Rose and Macrine
    Fighting Cervical Cancer in Kibera
    CFK Africa CHV Rose Akoth struggled with cervical cancer for four years before being properly diagnosed. Now, she encourages other women in her community to participate in regular health screenings.
  • Elkhana
    “The Angaza Scholarship is Shaping My Future”
    Twenty-year-old Elkanah is a brilliant young man who was born and raised in Kibera. As he prepares to begin his studies at Elmhurst University, he shares the impact CFK Africa's Angaza Scholarship had on his life.
  • CFK Africa’s Paramedic Terms His Career a Calling
    With poignancy and positivity, Nicholas Okumu, CFK Africa’s Paramedic Operator invites us into his world. He has evacuated over 1,000 people in his career and was recently recognized for his efforts to provide emergency response following the 2022 Kenya elections.
  • The Process of Growth
    Growth is a complex process both for individuals and organizations. CFK Africa Peacock Fellow Mitch Kimber reflects on the process of growth both for himself and for CFK after joining us at a pivotal point in our history and his...
  • Sarah Lebu leading a focus group with students.
    Hand Washing for Children, by Children
    This summer, CFK Africa Peacock Fellow Sarah Lebu incorporated elements of child-centered design to help improve hand washing behaviors and demonstrate how children can be powerful agents of change in their schools, households, and communities.
  • Pursuing a Calling for Childcare: Meet Esther
    Growing up in Kibera, Esther realized she had a calling for childcare at a young age. Now, she has more than 20 years of experience as an ECD teacher supporting children’s physical and cognitive development.
  • Exploring a Different Approach to Education Development
    Growing up in Kenya, Peacock Fellow Selah Bekele-Piper witnessed many well-meaning development projects but noticed that there often seemed to be a piece missing. This summer, she explored a different approach to development work during her time with CFK Africa.
  • The Power of Lishe Bora: Meet Edith & Lexi
    When Edith realized her daughter was underweight, she reached out to our nutrition program for help. Less than a year later, her daughter was successfully discharged and is now able to enjoy a happy, healthy childhood.
  • Learning to Listen: Advisory Council Member Steve Arnold
    With experience traveling and living in informal settlements in Africa, India, and China, our newest Advisory Council member, Steve Arnold, reflects on the importance of social context and listening in effective development work.
  • What we learned from our friend Madeleine Albright
    We were fortunate to have Madeleine Albright as a member of our Global Advisory Council. Co-founder and board chair, Rye Barcott, reflects on his friendship with Secretary Albright and shares three lessons we can learn from her life of service.
  • Talent is Universal. Opportunity is Not.
    Born into a family of seven, Josephat Agaki has faced significant financial challenges his entire life, but a CFK Africa scholarship gave him the opportunity he needed to excel. Now, he is in his final year at university.
  • Bridging Digital Divides for Youth
    Though youth in informal settlements often struggle with economic insecurity, they are innovative, creative, and enterprising, forging their own paths, establishing small businesses, and developing niche skills to support themselves and their families.
  • Drawing on Data to Improve Water Quality in Schools
    Everyone deserves access to clean water, and regularly monitoring water quality is part of achieving that goal. We're working with schools to make sure students and teachers stay safe and healthy.
  • Douglas: Role Model. Self-Starter. Poet.
    After losing his job due to COVID-19, Douglas connected with CFK's Entrepreneurship and Economic Development project to learn new skills. Now, he is a role model for other youth in his community.
  • New road in Kibera
    Insights: Adapting to the Needs of Evolving Communities
    Anneliese Gegenheimer visited CFK for the first time in 2012. When she returned in 2021, she was struck by how the organization had adapted to meet the community's evolving needs.
  • Jared Wilson
    Two Clinics. One Year: Meet Jared Wilson
    After finishing standard eight (grade eight), Jared Wilson lost his father. That was the moment Jared realized the need for localized healthcare and greater health education in his community. This year, he opened two clinics amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • COVID-19 vaccine distribution
    CFK Pioneers COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Strategy in Kiambu County
    Despite the growing availability of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide, significant disparities in access remain. CFK developed a tailored COVID-19 vaccine distribution strategy in partnership with the Ministry of Health to improve delivery and promote vaccine acceptance in Kiambu County.
  • Celebrating the Second Anniversary of our Tabitha Maternity Home
    This year, we're celebrating the second anniversary of our Tabitha Maternity Home and marking one year of ambulance operations. Meet our ambulance driver, Nicholas Okumu.
  • Jared Wilson at his clinic
    CFK Discusses Maternal and Child Health Amidst COVID-19 on KirkTV Kenya
    Recently, CFK senior nurse, Florence Mwaluda, of Tabitha Maternity Home was featured on KirkTV Kenya’s Health Nuggets news segment about maternal and child health amidst COVID-19. 
  • Celebrating 20 Years of Service
    It all started with $26, an unlikely connection, and a commitment to service. Read about the origin of CFK as we celebrate our co-founder Tabitha's birth week.
  • CFK on NTV Kenya
    CFK Leaders Discuss Expansion & Advocate for Informal Settlements on NTV Kenya
    CFK Executive Director, Hillary Omala, and Partnerships and Fundraising Manager, Ann Kungu, discussed CFK’s expansion plans and the importance of community development work in informal settlements during an hour-long NTV Kenya segment on August 31. 
  • Celebrating the 2020 Angaza Scholarship Graduates
    This year, CFK celebrated a milestone as 89% of the 2020 graduating class of Angaza Scholars excelled in the KSCE exam with university-qualifying grades. A few graduates discussed their future plans and the experiences they had through the Angaza Project.
  • Managing Menstrual Hygiene & Addressing Menstrual Shame
    Educating young people on proper menstrual hygiene management is the first step in addressing misinformation and menstrual shame. On this year's Menstrual Hygiene Day, CFK led open discussions with adolescent girls and young women and distributed critical sanitary products.
  • CFK Executive Director Hillary Omala on NTV Kenya
    Hillary Omala Represents Informal Settlements on NTV Kenya Panel
    CFK executive director, Hillary Omala, discussed the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 on residents of informal settlements during a panel discussion broadcast on NTV Kenya on April 28.
  • CFK 20th Anniversary
    Launching the CFK Alumni Network
    As a part of celebrating the 20th anniversary of CFK, we are launching the first-ever CFK volunteer alumni network, led by Yaniv Barzilai, which will invite past volunteers to reconnect and reminisce on their time in Kibera.
  • CFK Binti Pamoja Centre in Kibera
    Building Foundations to Foster Aspirations in Kibera
    Growing up just a few miles outside of Kibera, George Kuria always knew that the community was teeming with immeasurable potential. Now, he serves on CFK’s Board, helping bring greater opportunity to Kibera.
  • Rethinking the Role of Sport During COVID-19
    Sport education is a powerful means to foster physical fitness and mental well-being as well as social attitudes and behavior while populations are locked down. We remain committed to supporting young people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.