How We Work

CFK Africa is an NGO working with community members to improve public health, educational outcomes, and economic opportunities in informal settlements. We develop, implement, and evaluate services directly and independently as well as through key partnerships with NGOs, research institutions, and government entities. 

While informal settlements share similar challenges, we recognize that no two communities are the same. Through a participatory development approach, we work with communities to identify their most pressing challenges and develop tailored, sustainable solutions.  


Participatory development seeks to engage local populations in development projects and is rooted in values of sustainability, equity, and community-ownership. 

Our Model

Based on more than 20 years of experience and strong partnerships with community, government, public sector, and research partners, our Community PREFERRED model illustrates how to implement equitable research and sustainable programming that transforms lives and informs policies. 

Want to see
What our model looks like in action?