We work closely with the community to provide affordable primary healthcare services and coordinated educational programs that lead to brighter social and economic futures.

  • Delivering babies professionally with skilled health personnel and improving health outcomes for newborns and mothers.

  • Bringing severely malnourished children to full health through an 8-week feeding program and early childhood education.

  • Supporting the highest performing young people through a mix of scholarships, leadership training, immersive field trips, and a wide focus on re-enrolling out-of-school children in classes. Partnering with schools to make improvements to ensure children finish primary school.

  • Providing a space for youth to access holistic healthcare encompassing physical, social, emotional, and mental health.

  • Empowering girls through mentorship, leadership, and advocacy training and through sexual and reproductive health education.

  • Equipping entrepreneurs and traditional employees with vocational skills training preparing them for formal employment and business packages to help them budget, plan and run their businesses.

  • Providing a world-class “one-stop-shop” of affordable primary healthcare services for people in all stages of life.


  • Enrolling individuals in savings and loans groups to strengthen households and help them become economically independent.