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From monitoring for infectious disease outbreaks to improving education quality through evidence-based best practices, we lead actionable research to identify pressing issues, improve programming, and inform effective policies. But gaps in data hamper progress. 

Informal settlements are not stationary. These frequently changing environments require organizations to constantly adapt to emerging and evolving needs. Challenges to conducting research in informal settlements include:  

  • Frequent movement and loss to follow-up
  • Lack of permanent addresses  
  • Limited communication methods  

Though many residents of informal settlements have participated in research projects over the years, few have experienced or witnessed tangible benefits from that research. At CFK Africa, we take a different approach. 

Our Equitable Research Platform

CFK Africa has established an equitable research platform built on a participatory development approach and 20+ years of experience working in informal settlements. By investing in implementation research and community collaborations, we identify pressing issues, improve our programming, inform policies, and provide tangible benefits for community members.

Through our long-standing partnership with the CDC and KEMRI, we have contributed to the production of nearly 100 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Our research team leads both clinical trials and community-focused research in health and social development. We engage in a continuous cycle of collaborating, learning, and adapting, implementing assessments at baseline, mid-term, and end-term that continually inform our programming. Additionally, we consistently reflect on our interventions to ensure they are producing actionable data.

Our current focus areas for research include: 

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