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Talent is Universal.
Opportunity is not.

Informal settlements are home to millions of people with essential skills and entrepreneurial drive, but cycles of poverty and poor educational outcomes are continually fueled by: 

  • Income and gender inequality 
  • Barriers to education and job-training opportunities
  • High rates of unemployment

Though Kenya has one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa, thousands of students drop out of school every year, and job opportunities in the formal sector remain unevenly distributed across the population.  


At CFK Africa, we believe that informal settlements are home to some of the most resilient, creative, and entrepreneurial people in the world We work closely with community members to develop local leadership, strengthen economic resilience, and improve school quality and educational outcomes for students living in informal settlements. 

Our education and livelihoods work falls under two key focus areas. 


current CFK Africa scholarship recipients


of our most recent graduating class qualified to study at the university level


youth prepared for the job market last year

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