CFK Africa Lux Sit Scholarship Fund

Donna, Rye, and Tim Schwartz-Barcott circa 1989.

Established in honor of CFK Africa co-founder Rye Barcott’s late father, Tim Schwartz-Barcott, the Lux Sit Scholarship Fund will support the educational journey of youth leaders in Kenya upon completion of secondary school for as long as their educational needs require. The scholarships will then transfer to new students, continuing the cycle indefinitely. All students receiving scholarships participate in activities such as leadership training and service to their communities.

A U.S. marine, dedicated mentor, and advocate for peace, Tim was committed to education and public service. For much of his life, he marked correspondence to friends and family with “Lux Sit,” which translates from Latin to “Let there be light.” The Lux Sit Scholarship Fund furthers Tim’s legacy and allows his life to continue inspiring and transforming the lives of countless youth in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities.

Pictured: Tim with his beloved wife of 49 years, Donna, and his son, Rye, circa 1989 at the Padlock Ranch in Sheridan, Wyoming, where his mentor from the Marines, the late LtCol R.J. O’Leary retired and worked. Looking back on life, Tim said this photograph was his happiest memory.

Support the next generation
of youth leaders in Kenya.

Your gift to the Lux Sit Scholarship Fund provides sustainable funding for students living in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Join us in supporting promising young students grow into the next generation of Kenyan leaders.

Scholarship Student Activities


Students receive individualized support to enhance their study skills, ensuring their success in the classroom.


Leadership Training

Students complete training modules on topics such as goal setting,  group dynamics,  communication skills, and decision making.


Career Guidance

Students hear from guest speakers and CFK Africa staff about possible careers, ensuring that they will continue to excel after graduation.


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