Barron’s, Yahoo News,, Berliner Tageszeitung, VOA Africa – AFP Interviews ED Jeffrey Okoro on Impact of Doctors’ Strike As Deal is Signed

Kenya’s government has signed a deal with striking doctors, the health ministry announced Wednesday, after almost two months of industrial action that left thousands of patients struggling to find medical care.

…Deadly floods due to heavier than usual rains have added to the health woes facing Kenyans, with the UN and non-profit organisations sounding the alarm about the spread of cholera and other waterborne diseases.

“The crisis in accessible healthcare services caused by the Kenyan medical workers’ strike has been compounded by major flooding across the country,” said Jeffrey Okoro, executive director of non-profit CFK Africa, which operates a maternity facility in Kibera, the country’s largest urban slum.

“Flood waters have mixed with pit latrines and the sewer system, causing a greater threat of waterborne diseases like cholera (an ongoing issue in Kenya), typhoid, and dysentery.”

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