KTN News Kenya – Inside Sports Features CFK Africa’s Collaboration With Kibera Girls Soccer Academy

KTN News Kenya reports on the success of Kibera Girls Soccer Academy and how CFK Africa’s support has aided them in their 2022-2023 season.

“Kibera Girls Soccer Academy have secured promotion to the Women’s Premier Soccer League with an assailable four-point in the women’s division one at league Zone A. Now the team, which partnered with CFK Africa this season, is calling on more sponsors to aid them through this season.

‘One of the greatest things that happened this season was the synergy that we received from other organizations. The recognition, especially from CFK Africa, gave us the support and the energy and the synergy also to push us to the next level,’ said the KGSA Head Coach.

The team made an entry into Kibera, a place that they call home, and where they enjoy full support. They were later treated to an after-party organized by CFK Africa. The partnership between Kibera Girls Soccer Academy and CFK Africa has been significant in their success.

‘CFK Africa is so proud of the Kibera Girls team for their achievements so far… their accession to the premier league represents hope not just for, you know, playing soccer professionally but it represents hope for other girls who also aspire to reach those heights,’ said Jeffrey Okoro, CFK Africa’s Executive Director.”

View the entire news story below.

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