Kenya News Agency – CFK Africa’s Wash Efforts Highlighted

In Kiambu County, more than 3,700 primary schools require improvements in safe water and hygiene facilities, and more than 35,000 community latrines are required throughout the county to meet government-recommended standards.

These statistics were the backbone of water quality assurance training conducted for public health workers in Thika by CFK Africa, a non-governmental organization.

“The social and economic consequences of inadequate water and sanitation services are generally devastating. Without these critical services, people fall ill, children miss out on learning, especially girls, and entire communities can be displaced by water scarcity. Safe water is not a luxury but a necessity. Everyone has the right to safe water, proper sanitation, and hygiene, yet so many go without,” said Eddah Ogogo, a primary healthcare coordinator at CFK Africa.

“At the same time, the benefits of access to safe water and sanitation, for individuals and societies alike, are beyond measure. These services are key to healthy development in children and to sustaining well-being as adults. They also offer a pathway to broader social and economic progress by supporting community health and productivity,” she said.

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