Science Africa – CFK Africa Featured on Partnership With MIT to Increase Graduation Rates in Informal Settlements

“In its Best Schools Initiative, CFK Africa works with students ages 5 to 12 who live in Kibera, collecting data from 64 primary schools. It has found that improved teacher training, parent or guardian involvement, stable and affordable school fees, reliable free lunch programs, good student-to-textbook ratios and after-school and between-term classes all help improve education.

Okoro says the initiative aims to move beyond traditional approaches to educational programs in informal settlements, which mostly focus on scholarships to pay school fees, and instead determine the most cost-effective ways to improve the capacity and structures of informal schools.

‘The new research from our partners at MIT will help us fine-tune our programs. We are eagerly awaiting this next phase of the Best Schools Initiative to help students in informal settlements gain more educational opportunities which lead to better academic outcomes,’ he added.”

Read the article on Science Africa.

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