Volunteering with CFK Africa

We are always in search of volunteers to assist us in our programs as well as administrative, financial, and other skills-based volunteering.

Volunteer Highlights

Linet Achando

23, Mashimoni Village

A mother of one daughter, Precious Favor, who is now five years old, Linet was a mother at 18 before she completed her high school education. But through her parents’ support, she went back and now serves as a mentor for our teenage mothers.

“The best part about being a mentor is I use my own story — that is the struggles that I went through and how I was able to overcome — to encourage other girls going through a phase in life I have experienced. I love how I have become a friend and confidant to the girls in my group.”

“My message to all my younger sisters is: Getting pregnant while still young is not the end of your life. Just sit down, reflect on your dreams, and work towards them while still being a mom. Take your education seriously, but also protect yourself from another pregnancy.”

Lazarus Otieno

26, Gatwekera Village

Lazarus was previously a youth peer provider, but when the girls’ program adopted male involvement as part of their strategy towards gender equality, Lazarus chose to become a mentor for those boys instead.

“My greatest joy is to see boys understanding themselves, realizing their dreams, and changing their perceptions on equality between boys and girls. The boys are at a place to understand the hardships girls go through and view them as sisters to be respected and valued. I am happy I can make a contribution towards this through my mentorship efforts.”