Stories of Progress

  • Coaching Sports & Teaching Leadership
    CFK's flagship Sports for Development Project was founded in 2001 to promote peace and reduce ethnic violence. While the project shifted its approach in 2018, its core belief remains the same: sports can do much more than provide entertainment and physical activity. 
  • Student at CFK ICT Centre
    The Power of Economic Opportunity
    Bramwell connected with CFK’s entrepreneurship and economic development initiative in 2019. Now, he has a full-time job and is continuing his education, paying off his school fees, and helping support his friends and family. 
  • Kibera rooftops CFK Tabitha Clinic
    The Impact of COVID-19 on SGBV in Kibera
    Fueled by a combination of confined living conditions, economic insecurity, and food insecurity, there has been an alarming increase in physical, psychological, sexual, and economic forms of domestic violence against women and girls in Kibera.
  • CFK nutrition center team in Kibera
    From the Field: A Day in the Life of a Community Health Worker
    Living in Kibera for many years, Bentado, one of the Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) working out of CFK’s Lishe Bora Mtaani Nutrition Centre, has experienced firsthand the health challenges facing the community. Now, she has become part of the solution.  
  • CFK CHV in Kibera
    Working Together to Address SGBV in Kibera
    Worldwide, 1 in 3 women experience sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in their lifetime. In Kibera, that statistic is likely higher, but CFK is empowering girls, mobilizing the community, and helping create a path to justice for survivors.
  • CFK WASH in Kibera
    4 Reasons to Invest in CFK WASH
    Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) initiatives are cost-effective ways to help save lives. CFK established its WASH project in 2014, targeting households with expecting mothers and children under five and seeking to reduce the cases of diarrheal diseases in the community.
  • CFK ICT Centre Kibera
    From Class to Coding: Angaza Alumnus Andrew Otieno Odongo
    After completing information and communications technology courses through CFK's entrepreneurship and economic development program, Andrew Otieno Odongo studied coding at the Moringa school and now works at a health-tech startup.
  • CFK WASH activities in Kibera
    Making Handwashing More Accessible for All
    With the emergence of COVID-19, CFK increased its WASH activities by making soap and installing additional handwashing facilities throughout the community and at individual household levels.   
  • Girl walking on train tracks Kibera
    Expanding Impact While Staying True to the Mission
    Board Treasurer, Francis Kibet, discusses how CFK furthered its mission while expanding its impact during 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. He believes that CFK's model and programs will only continue to grow.
  • CFK Youth Victorious Group Kibera
    Addressing Youth Unemployment & Environmental Pollution
    Victorious Craft Group employs youth to turn waste into valuable products. After connecting with CFK's Entrepreneurship & Economic Development program, they were able to hire more youth and increase their impact.
  • CFK Finalist for .ORG Impact Awards
    CFK Named Finalist for 2020 .ORG Impact Awards
    Carolina for Kibera (CFK) is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for the 2020 .ORG Impact Awards. Winners will be announced during a 10-day event beginning November 30.
  • Doctor and patient at CFK's Tabitha Medical Clinic
    Using Data to Drive Purpose
    Current Board Member, Claire Rotich, grew up in Kenya but learned about CFK after re-connecting with a family friend in North Carolina. She is an advocate for using data to inform, strengthen, and center programs.
  • Mean laughing in Kibera
    Emphasizing the Importance of Mental Health
    By integrating mental health services into existing CFK programs, psychological counselor, Elmard Rigan, hopes to help debunk myths and address the stigma surrounding the topic.
  • CFK revision materials in Kibera
    Angaza Alumni Support Home Learning Initiatives During COVID-19
    Though students are facing many challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, CFK's Angaza program and alumni network have supported their abilities to continue learning at home.
  • CFK Tabitha Maternity Home anniversary celebration in Kibera
    Tabitha Maternity Home: Celebrating One Year of Service in Kibera
    CFK's Tabitha Maternity Home celebrated one year of service in Kibera and introduced its first-ever ambulance, which will provide affordable, accessible emergency transportation for Kibera residents.
  • CFK's Tabitha Festo with a patient
    Sacrificing for Success: A Tribute to Tabitha Festo
    With $26, a personal sacrifice, and a fierce commitment to serving her community, Tabitha Festo, a Kiberan nurse, laid the foundation for CFK in 2000 when she opened a 24/7 clinic attached to her home.
  • CFK's Joy Barnice Henry refilling a WASH station in Kibera
    Championing Affordable Access to Quality Healthcare
    The daughter of the late CFK co-founder Tabitha Festo, Joy Barnice Henry is committed to upholding Tabitha's legacy and championing affordable healthcare through the same clinic her mother started in 2001.
  • Students in Kibera
    Expanding Access to Education in Kibera and Beyond
    A bright kid with a passion for service, Joshua Omweno received an Angaza scholarship in 2011. Six years later, he began leading the very same program that had given him the opportunity to pursue higher education.  
  • Jennifer Coffman and group in Kibera with CFK
    Creating Global Ambassadors
    In 1999, CFK co-founder, Rye Barcott, walked into Jennifer Coffman’s office with a drive to make a difference. Neither of them knew that their conversation would lay the foundation for CFK a few years later. 
  • Young boys in Kibera giving thumbs up
    Three Fundraisers, One Common Goal
    From running one mile per day to writing a memoir to establishing and raising money for a program, three of our supporters, each from a different country, adopted creative approaches to fundraising.
  • CFK Positive communication outside Young Health and Wellness Centre in Kibera
    The Power of Positive Communication During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic requires community buy-in and cooperation. Positive communication strategies can help and are a critical part of an effective response.
  • CFK youth supporting COVID-19 response in Kibera
    On the Ground: Young People Perform Vital Work on the Frontlines of COVID-19 Response in Kibera
    Young people in Kibera are creative, innovative, and energetic and have devised ways to ensure continued health and education services in Kibera during the pandemic. 
  • CFK's ICT Centre in Kibera
    Thinking Beyond Education to Empower Communities
    Growing up in Kibera, Board Member, Dickson Omondi, developed an appreciation for development work and an in-depth understanding of the complex challenges facing his community.
  • CFK's Eddah Ogogo in Kibera
    Improving Healthcare & Serving Humanity
    Working across four different health facilities has its challenges, but our Primary Healthcare Manager, Eddah Ogogo, has learned how to manage diverse groups and implement effective individualized approaches. 
  • CFK staff responding to COVID-19 in Kibera
    CFK Healthcare Staff Featured as Frontline Heroes
    While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create new healthcare challenges and exacerbate existing ones, CFK staff are on the frontlines continuing to provide quality healthcare and support the Kibera community.
  • CFK staff collecting coronavirus samples in Kibera
    COVID-19 Response: Healthcare Facilities
    At CFK, we are taking action to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic in Kibera while continuing to maintain critical healthcare services. CFK Primary Healthcare Manager, Eddah Ogogo, summarizes CFK's response.
  • CFK staff supporting girls during COVID-19 in Kibera
    COVID-19 Response: Girls Empowerment
    Emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic compound existing inequalities, and women and girls often suffer the most. CFK Partnerships Manager, Ann Kungu, discusses how CFK continues to support women and girls.
  • CFK's Young Health and Wellness Centre in Kibera
    COVID-19 Response: Youth Education & Livelihoods
    COVID-19 has exacerbated the challenges faced by youth in Kibera, but CFK is continuing to provide support. CFK Education & Livelihoods Program Coordinator, Jeffrey Okoro, summarizes our response.
  • CFK's Jeffrey Okoro in Kibera
    Transforming Education
    Jeffrey Okoro is a model for how education can transform a life, and his Best Schools Initiative (BSI) embodies CFK's research platform and participatory development approach.
  • CFK 2020 Interns and Fellows
    Summer 2020 Fellows & Interns Tackle Projects Remotely This Summer
    Despite the coronavirus, CFK is engaging with young researchers in a remote capacity during the summer of 2020. Introducing this year's fellows and interns.