Arise News – Interview with ED Jeffrey Okoro Spotlights Challenges Kenyans Face to Affordable Healthcare During Medical Strike

Faith Orr of Arise News [London] interviewed CFK Africa’s Executive Director, Jeffrey Okoro, about the current medical strike in Kenya and its impact on affordable healthcare providers, like CFK Africa’s Tabitha Medical Clinic and Tabitha Maternity Home.

“The situation is really difficult for a lot of families and a lot of folks who are not able to access private health facilities. So far we have noted a number of Kenyans traveling far and wide to accessible heath facilities such as CFK’s Tabitha Medical Clinic, just to get basic care. We’ve also noted instances where mothers who have complications and need urgent surgery who are not able to get those services. Kibera is just a small portion of what’s happening in the country,” said Okoro.

Watch the full interview on Arise News.

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