CBC – ED Jeffrey Okoro Highlights the Unprecedented Flooding in Kenya and CFK Africa’s Emergency Response

Hosts Nil Köksal and Chris Howden from CBC.ca interviewed CFK Africa’s Executive Director Jeffrey Okoro to discuss the unprecedented flooding in Kenya as well as CFK Africa’s response to the ongoing crisis.

“For [CFK Africa], as an organization we first started by mapping out the disaster areas just knowing who’s been affected by what. Thereafter, we started coordinating the kind of help that can be provided. Specifically to health in Kibera, we have three medical facilities that have remained open despite the doctors’ strike so we’ve been able to provide maternal health services where we’ve had our numbers double because other facilities have shut down. Right now we are also setting up a medical camp in one of the sites where the [displaced] families are, because there’s been an outbreak of diarrhea that’s been recorded in that space. We’re able to respond largely through our interventions but now we’re also reaching out to partners who are able to come in and compliment the services that CFK Africa is providing.”

Listen to the segment on CBC beginning at the 41 minute mark.

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