VOA – CFK Africa’s Vaccine Efforts Covered

“At CFK Africa, we have a facility that offers Covid-19 vaccines. Among them are Modern, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca vaccines. We have the capacity to reach up to 30 people per day with the vaccine. So far, we have reached 500 people within Kibera and supported the government to offer jabs to over 5,000 people within Nairobi and Kiambu counties.”

“Like in many communities, pregnant women are worried about their unborn children and they wonder if they take the vaccine whether they will be safe together with their child. We have matters concerning infertility and a lot of questions are raised from women of childbearing age and men of the same age groups. We also have issues of comorbidities. Those who suffer from comorbidities ask questions around will they be safe if they have diabetes for example or hypertension and would it affect them if they took the vaccine. Those three main areas form the biggest questions that we answer on a day-to-day basis.”

“The first five years in the life of a child are quite important. They form the health outcome as they grow. Also, as we entered into Kibera, we realized there is a high rate of morbidity and mortality among the women and the children. Our focus really greatly was in women and children because the informal settlements do not offer them access to quality and affordable healthcare. These globally are the main vulnerable groups that we look into when it comes to health care. That is why we focus on them.

“For Kibera, we plan to continue with the services we’ve offered over the last 20 years and to move [forward] with health systems strengthening to allow the community members to own and participate actively in the services we have advanced and provided for them over the years.”

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