Press Release – CFK Marks 20 Years of Community Impact in Kibera with Plans to Expand

Founded in 2001, NGO uses a participatory development approach


NAIROBI, KENYA – CFK will mark its 20th anniversary this August with plans to expand its healthcare, education, and girls’ empowerment initiatives across Kenya.

Co-founded by a Kenyan nurse based in Kibera, a Kenyan community organizer, and a University of North Carolina student in 2001, the nonprofit organization uses a participatory development approach to collaborate with residents of Kibera, one of the largest and most densely populated informal settlements in Africa, to develop responsible and sustainable solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing the community.

“We are proud of all the work we have accomplished over the past two decades, especially during the last year of the pandemic,” said Hillary Omala, executive director of CFK, who is based in Nairobi. “Over the years, we have learned critical lessons that have informed how we work, and we are excited about sharing that knowledge and expanding our services beginning this year.”

CFK has already conducted studies in seven additional counties to inform the planned expansions of its services to approximately 2 million more people. The programs will be expanded based on the greatest need in each county and the most impactful interventions.

Since 2001, CFK has grown from managing a youth sports program and a 10-foot-by-10-foot clinic to running a three-story medical facility that sees more than 30,000 patient visits every year, a maternity home, a nutrition center and a young health and wellness center; offering scholarships and job training; and promoting girls’ empowerment through mentorship and advocacy.

This past year, CFK retooled its hygiene and sanitation efforts to help fight Covid-19 which helped enable schools in Kibera to reopen safely amid the pandemic.

“We are looking forward to celebrating with everyone and marking the day when CFK was founded 20 years ago,” added Omala. “This milestone also gives us an opportunity to share our new plans to expand CFK services across Kenya and discuss our long-view vision for our next decade of service.”



About CFK Founded in 2001, CFK empowers residents of Kibera, one of the largest and most densely populated informal settlements in Africa, to provide world-class medical care, educational and job training programs, and mentorship and advocacy for young girls in the community. Through a participatory development approach, CFK works directly with residents of Kibera to bring new opportunities to improve lives and alleviate poverty. In 2020, staff members at CFK’s new Tabitha Maternity Home were acknowledged by the Gates Foundation as Frontline Heroes for ensuring continuity of care during the pandemic. For more information, visit

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