CTV – CFK Africa’s Covid-19 Vaccination Efforts Highlighted

At the CFK Africa Tabitha Medical Clinic in Kibera, Kenya, health workers are finally getting the first box of Canadian-donated AstraZenca vaccines, now called Vaxzevria.

Eddah Ogogo, CFK Africa’s primary health-care program co-ordinator, said they were “excited” to receive the vaccine doses.

“This is very crucial in fighting the pandemic,” she said.

“We have very many tiny urban dwellings,” Ogogo said, describing the community around the clinic.

“Isolation is also very difficult. [Sick patients] will have to share with small dwelling units and this may increase the spread of the virus should one member of the household get infected.”

Ogogo said they need doses “without fear of delay, that fear of coming to the facility and missing out on something.”

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