Scholarship Student Profile: Kate Atieno

Kate Atieno is one of CFK Africa’s scholarship students. (Photo credit: Vivian Adhiambo).

Where did you grow up?

My name is Kate Atieno, a form two student in Moi Girls Isinya. I grew up in an informal settlement in Kisumu known as Nyalenda. Together with my mom and dad and my three siblings, I learned how to cope within the tough circumstances, which was sometimes hard to do. There is a lot of drug abuse in the community and it was a challenging environment.

What motivated you to apply for CFK Africa’s scholarship program?

I first heard about CFK Africa’s scholarships from my primary school head teacher after we completed our national examination and got our results. I was motivated to apply for a scholarship because I got good grades. I also believed in myself that I would be successful and get a scholarship. My family isn’t financially stable and at that time, my parents were very sick, and so the little money they earned went to their medications.

What are you currently studying?

I am currently studying sciences, languages, and humanities. My best subjects are French and geography. What inspires me to study French, is that it is one of the international languages and it will help me in my future profession – journalism. I study geography as journalism involves a lot of traveling. My future goal is to become a world-known journalist. Apart from that, I would also like to help other children from informal settlements. I can be a motivational speaker to those that lose hope and a role model that the next generation can look up to.

How has the scholarship impacted your life?

Kate’s favorite part of the scholarship program has been service activities, like cleaning up the Agape children’s home.

My experience as a scholarship beneficiary has been really great, since I get to study without the fear of being sent back home for school fees – especially as Kenya is now facing economic hardship. I receive quality education that will help me achieve my future goal of becoming a world-known journalist. My favorite part of the scholarship program is the community service with my peers. In the last community service activity, I got a chance to visit Agape children’s home where I supported the students and assisted with cleaning.

How do you hope to give back to your community in the future?

I hope to give back to my community by helping other children from informal settlements. I would like to be a peer mentor to guide and counsel future young people to continue with education because in the world we are in, education is life. The scholarship has influenced me to give back trough its programs. Above all, this program is helping vulnerable children in informal settlements in Kenya. I feel that the program wants nothing but the best for me.

What advice would you give other students?

I would advise other students to work hard since nothing comes easy in life. The pressure of working hard should come from within and not from outside because pressure produces diamonds. Students should also believe in themselves, because nothing is impossible since the word itself is “I’m possible.”

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