Skills for Success: Mitchelle’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Mitchelle completed life skills and entrepreneurship trainings through CFK Africa, preparing her to grow a successful business and empower other young people in Kibera with employment opportunities.

Twenty-one year-old Mitchelle Kitsai dreamed of becoming a surgeon. As a straight-A student on scholarship at Rusinga School, she was sure of her future. She knew that she wanted to attend a prestigious international university and pursue medical degrees. Unfortunately, COVID-19 disrupted her plans. The pandemic rendered her parents jobless, sending her family into financial insecurity.

A New Path

Under these new circumstances, Mitchelle carefully considered a new career path. Fueled by ambition, she concluded that entrepreneurship was the best direction. A friend directed her to CFK Africa’s life skills and entrepreneurship sessions for youth.

“He knew that I had a passion for business and made a point of telling me about the free life skills and entrepreneurship trainings offered at CFK Africa,” Mitchelle shared. “Being a resident of Kibera, I already knew about the organization and the wonderful impact they have had on the lives of people living in the community.”

Mitchelle completed life skills and entrepreneurship training with CFK Africa, gaining the skills necessary to get her business ideas off the ground and make them profitable. She now runs two small businesses and has ideas for others.

“The life skills and entrepreneurship skills trainings were exactly what I needed to implement my business ideas related to dog breeding and nuts and dried fruits,” Mitchelle said. “I was taught bookkeeping, advertising, and digital business among other skills.” 

Growing Community Economic Resilience

Mitchelle is grateful for the new skills that she developed through the CFK Africa programs, and the income has been important for her family. “The training has helped me develop business plans, and I have now doubled my profits. The training also helped me discover some of my hidden strengths like negotiation, which I use to grow my online business networks.” 

Committed to supporting her community, Mitchelle plans to provide employment opportunities to other youth. With a true entrepreneurial spirit, she also continues to dream big about growing her professional skills and is finding a creative way to stay connected to the healthcare field.

“My future plans include legalizing my businesses and employing other youth,” Mitchelle said. “I am still passionate about health, and I plan to start a new network marketing business that deals in health products.” CFK Africa’s life skills and entrepreneurship programs support young people like Mitchelle in growing their careers and finding their path.

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