Cell Phone Drive: CFK Africa Wants Your Unused Devices 

Do you have a gently used smartphone lying around after an upgrade? Don’t let it collect dust! Put it to good use by supporting CFK Africa. 

Our dedicated staff, volunteers and youth leaders in Kenya need cell phones to carry out their vital work in the community. Due to the harsh environments prevalent in informal settlements, many of them currently rely on devices with cracked screens or, in some cases, have no phones at all. By donating your unused cell phones, you can equip our staff to collect documentation, gather community data, and capture essential photos required for grants and foundation partnerships. 

Rest assured that your donated phones will be handled with care. Our skilled IT department will completely wipe them before use, ensuring all personal information is removed. Phones will then be inventoried by our operations team and distributed for use. 

CFK Africa Staff and Board Members walk through Kibera (Photo credit: CFK Africa).

How to Donate

By donating your unused phones, you will play a crucial role in bridging the digital divide and make an immediate impact by supporting education, livelihoods, and community outreach initiatives in Kenya.

To donate your old cell phones, drop them off in person or mail to our US office in Chapel Hill at 1700 Martin Luther King Jr, Blvd. CB 3277, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. If you live in the Triangle and are not able to make it to our office, please contact us at 919-962-6860 or admin@cfkafrica.org, and we can arrange a pickup. If available, we would greatly appreciate any charging cords that accompany your phone. 

Act now because our US team will be traveling to Kenya in June to deliver the donated phones. Our cell phone drive will end on June 5, so make sure to donate before that date! 

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