Support our Emergency Response in Kibera

Recent political protests over the high cost of living have escalated into violent demonstrations in Kibera and other parts of Kenya, leaving our community in turmoil. During this time of crisis, CFK Africa has taken swift action to respond to the pressing needs of our community providing critical services to those who need it most, and we need your help. Our goal is to raise $5,000 to cover the costs of our healthcare facilities on weekends, utilize our ambulance to its fullest extent possible, and treat higher volumes of patients as the protests continue.


Through our network of health providers in Kibera, we have been coordinating the delivery of vital care to patients. Despite the challenges on the ground, our Tabitha Medical Clinic and Tabitha Maternity Home have remained open, serving as key points for referrals from other closed facilities. However, this influx of patients has led to unexpected budget strains and is stretching our resources thin.

Our Tabitha Medical Clinic serves over 35,000 patients annually, but with the protests expected to continue we anticipate an even greater surge in demand for our services. To meet this unanticipated need, we urgently require additional resources, including more nurses and supplies, to ensure that no one in our community goes without care.

We will be keeping our clinic open on weekends, a time when it is usually closed, to continue serving our community in the absence of other healthcare options. These efforts are in honor of Tabitha Festo, our co-founder whose goal was to have healthcare accessible for all members of the community, no matter the circumstances.

  • $50 will support our nursing team for one day of clinic operations.
  • $25 ensures that our lab can operate for a day, processing necessary samples for patient testing.
  • $10 enables nutrition support to children under-5 for an entire day of patients.

By donating today, you will help CFK Africa provide essential and life-saving care as part of our emergency response efforts in Kibera. Facebook does not charge donation processing fees so every dollar donated will directly support these efforts.


–The CFK Africa Security Committee

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